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Road Map

Fortress seeks to build the top credit and lending protocol on Binance Smart Chain. We will accomplish this goal by continuously developing and building new features.
• $FTS as a rate modification token. What that means is a user can spend their FTS to increase their supply APY. For example, Jeff supplies BNB and is earning a base rate of 5% APY, he can spend the FTS to bump the 5% to 5.5%. On the flip side, he can spend FTS tokens to reduce his borrowing rate. If Jeff is borrowing BTCB at 7%, he can spend the FTS tokens to reduce the rate to 6.5%. The FTS used for the increase and buy-downs will be burned and taken out of circulation forever.
• Leverage as a Service: We want to tap the massive liquidity potential with Fortress by offering leverage as a service to yield farms and AMMs. Projects will be able to boost their farming APYs by borrowing from Fortress.
• Fixed Rate Lending: Some suppliers and borrowers may not like the dynamic rates of the protocol. In order to serve them better, we’ll be offering fixed rate loans soon. • Governance that is accessible to the average user