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Enter Markets

Enter into a list of markets. In order to supply collateral or borrow in a market, it must be entered first.
function enterMarkets(address[] calldata fTokens) returns (uint[] memory)
  • msg.sender: The account which shall enter the given markets.
  • fTokens: The addresses of the fToken markets to enter.
  • RETURN: For each market, returns an error code indicating whether or not it was entered. Each is 0 on success, otherwise an Error Code


Unitroller troll = Unitroller(0xABCD...);
fToken[] memory fTokens = new fToken[](2);
fTokens[0] = CErc20(0x3FDA...);
fTokens[1] = CEther(0x3FDB...);
uint[] memory errors = troll.enterMarkets(fTokens);

Web3 1.0

const troll =;
const fTokens = [,];
const errors = await troll.methods.enterMarkets(fTokens).send({from: ...});