Claim Fortress FTS

Every Fortress user accrues FTS for each block in which they are supplying to or borrowing from the protocol. The protocol automatically transfers accrued FTS to a users address when the total amount of FTS accrued that address (in a market) is greater than the claimFortressThreshold, and and the address executes any of the mint, borrow, transfer, liquidateBorrow, repayBorrow, or redeem functions on that market.

Separately, users may call the claimFortress method on any fToken contract at any time for finer grain control over which markets to claim from.


// Claim all the FTS accrued by holder in all markets
function claimFortress(address holder) public

// Claim all the FTS accrued by holder in specific markets
function claimFortress(address holder, fToken[] memory fTokens) public

// Claim all the FTS accrued by specific holders in specific markets for their supplies and/or borrows
function claimFortress(address[] memory holders, fToken[] memory fTokens, bool borrowers, bool suppliers) public
  • RETURN: The liquidationIncentive, scaled by 1e18, is multiplied by the closed borrow amount from the liquidator to determine how much collateral can be seized.


Unitroller troll = Unitroller(0xABCD...);

Web3 1.0

const unitroller = new web3.eth.Contract(unitrollerAbi, unitrollerAddress);
await unitroller.methods.claimFortress("0x1234...").send({ from: sender });

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